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Build a lead gen powerhouse, convert more leads to sales, and get on the path to building consistent, scalable growth quarter over quarter, year after year.

The Growth Challenge is for innovative B2B brands that want to multiply their momentum and boost results this year.

You're not starting from zero.

You have some traction, some happy customers. You probably do really well with word-of-mouth and referral sales.

But you may not have a profitable way to scale your success to the wider market (yet).

One way to know this is true: marketing is costing you money instead of making you money.

Some brands struggle with this for years.

They try this marketing tactic and that marketing tactic, this platform and that platform, this agency and that agency...only to get similar results. 

Meanwhile, they look over and see other startups take off and go to the moon.

What's the difference? 

There are common and critical mistakes that keep most brands from having innovative and effective marketing.

This is true even for brands with amazing, highly innovative products! They make mistakes that prevent them from realizing their true growth potential.

We're launching the Growth Challenge to help you overcome these mistakes and conquer the three biggest roadblocks to growth.

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We're going to unlock a new level of lead gen, maximize the ROI of every marketing dollar, and show you the proven process B2B brands use to scale.



The Growth Challenge includes:

Part 1

Most brands rush to market and then wonder why their competition is beating them.

We're going to show you the systematic way to go to market. We'll identify the trademarks of the critical messaging you need to engage the cold market.

But engaging your target audience is just the start. Now you need to show compelling value and differentiated positioning in an effective buyer journey that converts. 

We'll walk you through the best practices we've used to generate over $100 million in revenue growth for our clients.

Part 2

It's sad, but true: most salespeople still have to hunt down their own leads.

And most of the leads they get from marketing are highly unqualified. 

We're going to show you how to turn that around. 

We'll cover the three sales that have to be made in your marketing before you can have a scalable sales system.

Part 3
Growth Leaders

Who is the growth leader at your company? It should be you. 

The final day of the Growth Challenge is focused on the three critical components that help you lead the charge and scale growth.

We’ll discuss: 

  • Creating a growth system
  • The three types of growth teams
  • And how successful brands started their growth journey (even when they were small and didn't have a large marketing budget).

The final Growth Challenge session will help you take actionable steps to build momentum immediately.

Why did we create the Growth Challenge?

We believe that while there are many paths to growth, it can be systematic and formulaic. 

Many brands struggle with growth, but they don't have to. We've found that following a process without skipping necessary steps is what leads to massive results.


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January 24-26, 2023 will be the ONLY time the Growth Challenge will be available free. Join to get immediate traction through:

  • The proven process we use to generate over $100 million in revenue for our clients...
  • Seeing how to generate high-quality, sales-ready leads and CRUSH your revenue numbers...
  • Implementing the systematic approach to achieving scalable growth at your company.

This is a free momentum-building event. We look forward to helping you drive results and get on the path to reliable, scalable growth.

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